Crossroads Art Group Temporary Gallery

Click on an image below to display it in a lightbox. From there you will be able to click on the forward or back arrows to scroll through the images. They will be displayed in the lightbox at the size of the original images you sent me. Just click on the X to get back to the page view. The page view sizes are randomized by the gallery plugin, so not proportional.

These are presented in no particular order. If you encounter the problem of the images displaying in a single string, please use Internet Explorer or Firefox browser. They should display three across.


NEW: follow these links for some of our test groupings. These galleries are randomized, so each time you click to the link, the images will display in a different order. Good for visualizing.

Grouping 1

Grouping 2

Grouping 3

Grouping 4

Grouping 5

Grouping 6

Grouping 7