This website is currently under construction.

My intention is to present more than just an online portfolio of my artwork, though it will serve in that capacity as well.

Painting, drawing, etching, watercolor and video projects will all find their place here. And I will include any insights, inspirations and memories i have regarding the pieces and the process of creating them.

A large part of my inspiration for this website, however, is to gather my thoughts and process during the making of a long-term video project, with the working title of ‘Box Traveller’. Much of the preliminary work on this has already been accomplished. But i may find that a bit of ‘thinking out loud’ will help to actually bring all the elements together into a ‘final’ installation piece.

Or who knows, this project may spawn several pieces which interrelate with one another. Much as the origins of the whole project have arisen from a variety of interests — from geometry, sculpture and paintings I have created and explored throughout my life as an artist. Such things which grab hold of us have a life of their own — they grow and change with us and inform our understanding.

More on Box Traveller can be found on the Pentascope Project pages, where I intend to keep something of a journal of these latter stages of bringing this work to fruition.

Please check back for updates.

Thank you for visiting,
Nancy Jacobs