Project Updates

progress reports and interesting developments

A Possible Traveller

These are a few test renders of a human sculpture I’ve been working on, and rigging for animation. I’m not sure whether or not I will use her in any of the final animation videos. The concept is for her to be textured with the same neutral masonry materials with which the Pentascope box is textured. Even though I have worked on a full color texture for her, I like the idea of her blending in with her environment, with the only color to come from the lighting interacting with the scene elements. And her eyes.

As you might guess, there is quite a huge amount of work to be done (especially for one person, given the divergent workflow) to incorporate an animated human model into the scene, so I will have to be certain she is a necessary element before continuing with that aspect of things. I do, after all, want to see some aspect of this project come to fruition. Still, I cant help but feel she might make it into at least one of the videos in this project sequence…

One image below shows her with her color texture (in progress) applied, the others use a colorless texture, near the beginning of the painting and texturing process. The purely grey images are using a nearly colorless lighting arrangement, while in two of the images, there is color coming from the lighting, in a very preliminary stage.

New breaking renders


Another sequence of frames (above) where Construction Six is breaking up. Reminds me of night breaking into day. As does the helix nebula Hubble image which acts as the environment here. The orientation of the structure to the environment will change, as will (perhaps) the environment — or at least the way it lights the structure. For example, the lit areas are too blown out at present. Below are a few frames from a section of Construction Six where I have not often visited. But this night I enjoyed crawling around in there…

tonight            tonightWasphere

Lonely little frames

Some interesting frames have been rendering from my attempts to develop the lighting and texturing of Construction Six. That would be the name that the intersecting hallways came to be known by, in my files years ago. What happened to the other five constructions I don’t know…

Construction Six was a result of four rather ordinary long hallways intersecting at the ‘pentatonic’ angles described here. The odd and interesting shapes they left behind endeared me to this particular construction, just as they did with the foamboard-constructed grandmother of this whole project that I made years ago.

In the late night atmosphere I found these frames somehow seemed to reverberate with a sense of loneliness. Or maybe it was just the vibe of those wee hours of the morning…

Thinking maybe I will embed some infinite knots into the walls here and there. What do you think?

BT animation test 1

  In this very early test animation, there was only one basic source of light, minimal texturing of the structure (though you can see the beginnings of images I’m embedding into the walls). And there was not yet any exterior environment which would contibute color and a sense of space. At this point it seemedSee more

Open Door, Render

This is a still frame, using the Helix Hubble image as the environment and lighting source.